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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A-bomb film gains Oscar nomination

Film director Steven Okazaki's documentary "The Mushroom Club" tells the story of survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and people who were irradiated in the womb, and has been nominated for the 78th Academy Awards in the short documentary category.
Oh joy. I wouldn't mind something like this except, at least from the article, you get the feeling that this entire movie is how evil the US was to drop the bomb and they are responsible for the suffering of the people afterwards.

Okazaki said he felt it was still considered taboo in the United States to talk about the effects of dropping the A-bomb. it isn't. It's just nice when it is in context of the entire war and what was going on at the time.

Okazaki said school textbooks in the United States do not give a detailed history of atomic bombs, and even the Japanese-American people he met as he grew up did not talk much about the devastation an A-bomb can cause. Okazaki hopes his film can help bridge the gap between the United States and Japan on this issue.

While filming, Okazaki found that many young Japanese do not know much about what happened in Hiroshima in August 1945, and realized there was a critical need for more information about the bomb and its aftereffects.
Oh please. I had it shoved in my head continuously how horrible we were for dropping the bomb and textbooks showed the devastation. The world goes into a hissy fit every time nuclear weapons are mentioned. How much more 'education' or should I say, 'indoctrination' does he think we need? What is needed is for people to study the context of the time. They need to realize that the bomb was a godsend that saved millions of lives and ended a tragic war. They need to understand that a fanatical military leadership in Japan is solely responsible for millions upon millions of people dying, some quickly others horrifically. Aftereffects of the bomb? Yes, they were devastating and shame on the Japanese military for causing the situation forcing such a drastic measure.

You can read more about what REALLY happened here.