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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Beware of Stray Dogs

Korean tourists are being warned...

The Foreign Ministry on Thursday put out a travel advisory warning Koreans to guard against attacks from stray dogs in Romania. “Since injuries from dog bite are common in Romania, those currently in the country or planning to travel there should take extra care,” it said. As a cautionary tale, it offered the story of a 59-year-old Japanese man who was bitten by a stray dog in a house in the middle of the city on Jan. 29 and bled to death from his injuries.

The ministry warns the number of stray dogs in the capital Bucharest alone approaches 50,000-60,000. The city last year recorded 13,000 cases of injuries from dog attacks, 6,700 of them serious enough to require medical treatment, the ministry says, adding there is a significant danger of rabies infection in the area.

Wow, and here I thought that could be an enticement for Korean tourism...