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Monday, February 13, 2006

Aso a real...well you get the drift...

Scathing editorial in the New York Times.
People everywhere wish they could be proud of every bit of their countries' histories. But honest people understand that's impossible, and wise people appreciate the positive value of acknowledging and learning from painful truths about past misdeeds. Then there is Japan's new foreign minister, Taro Aso, who has been neither honest nor wise in the inflammatory statements he has been making about Japan's disastrous era of militarism, colonialism and war crimes that culminated in the Second World War.

Ouch. Read the rest on your own. I just want to share the last line.
Mr. Aso's sense of diplomacy is as odd as his sense of history.

The editorial in some ways is a bit over the top, but the assessment of Aso is dead on.